Q. What documentation do I need to provide for Air or Sea shipments?

  • Airway bill / Bill of lading
  • Original Commercial Invoice
  • Import Declaration Form (IDF)
  • Insurance Cover Note
  • PRO 1B forms from the Ministry of foreign affairs if Diplomatic cargo
  • Certificate of conformity (if applicable)

Q. What goods can ACTCO provide through the trading services?

    Our Products and Services include but are not limited to:

  • 1.Home Appliances – White and non white goods
  • 2.Building & Construction Materials
  • 3.Consumer Electronics
  • 4.IT Equipment

  • 5.Medical equipment & Supplies
  • 6.Office Equipment

  • 7.Automotives – All categories
  • 8.Auto Components
  • 9.Food Products
  • 10.Telecom Equipments
  • 11.Heat Ventilation And Conditioning
  • 12.Recreational Goods
  • 13.Porte cabins and mobile offices
  • 14.Essential gear for remote regions: specialty garments, footwear, tents, blankets, etc

Q. What can I, as a customer, avoid delay of my goods at the port?

Ensure that the forward clearance documents arrive before the flight/vessel, and that the payment has been made to the authorities, as agreed

Q. How can I track and trace my freight cargo?

While working with ACTCO, you are assured that your cargo is safe. However, you can always check your cargo's progress en-route on our web-site itself by typing in your unique ref. no. in our track cargo section.

Q. What differentiates ACTCO from its competitors?

Unlike most of our competitors which are huge multinational companies, we are an Afghani company. Having worked over 30 years in this country, including the last 12 years of war and destruction, we have the unique advantage of knowing Afghanistan, through and through, in and out. Unlike any of our competitors, we pride ourselves that when it comes to Afghanistan – no one knows it better, and no one can serve you better.

Q. Is ACTCO an asset based company?

ACTCO is a non-asset based company with a big fleet of trucks currently under contract and strategic alliances with aircraft and shipping companies. This is what prioritize our cargo and help us to deliver the ultimate in cost and time efficiency to our customers.

Q. Did not ship my cargo with ACTCO, but I need custom clearance for Afghanistan. Can ACTCO help me?

Yes, custom clearance is a service available individually. You can contact us at any of the phone numbers or email addresses on our contact page